Trees Being felled like mad in Karisia Hills

All these trees were cut in the karisia hills in order to extract honey.  it is a virgin forest and these podocarpus trees would be worth  a great deal if harvested for timber. instead they rot.  Does this make sense? No. What a sad state Kenya’s forests are in. Can someone not get Wangari Mathai on this??????

DSC_3853DSC_3860DSC_3861On the lower slopes hundreds of women are taking out cedar posts that they are selling in the local markets. the forestry department is obviously doing nothing to prevent this and is said by the locals to be in on the sale of the wood. DSC_3886

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4 comments on “Trees Being felled like mad in Karisia Hills

  1. Bryan Adkins on said:

    Hey Jamie – have you tried the Kenya Forests Working Group for support? They can be reached through their website address. They may know of more reliable ways to skirt your local KFS people, and hit up some of the more attentive KFS personnel at the tip. Local KFS, If they are anything like ours, are blatantly getting a “cut” of the local trade in cedar posts from the Kijabe forest. Hope you are well.

  2. Rick Cummings on said:

    Truly maddening…

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  4. Very sad! What is local KFS office doing? Which part of Kirisia is this??


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