Baby Aardvark Rescue

This baby Aardvark was found during one of our camel safaris on Aug. 28th. This morning I took him to the vet for an x-ray after sleeping with him in the same bed. He has a broken leg and rib. The leg surgery on Thursday will be long says Dieter Rottcher the leading wildlife vet here. We just hope he will make it till thurs….





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16 comments on “Baby Aardvark Rescue

  1. Christine C. on said:

    Oh my…poor thing…much bigger than I expected though!! I hope he heals quickly.

  2. Amazing story – and my favourite animal (another one!). Can you get a video – I’ve always wanted to hug an aardvark.

  3. Janine S on said:

    Will be holding thumbs for the poor little thing keep us posted thanks a lot for pics

  4. Dana-Phoenix Arizona on said:

    Such a cute one. Do you think he was hit by a car? I pray the surgery goes well and this little one pulls through.

  5. awe. i have never seen a real ardvark! they are much cuter than depicted in the ant-eater cartoons :)

  6. scott urbanek on said:

    I am thankful at the blessed luck that found you to this small life in need.

  7. Crossing fingures hang on little guy. I didn’t understand in what condition did you find him and what do you think happend to him?

  8. If he is in Dieter’s hands he has a great chance of surviving – Dieter is the greatest vet! He saved my dogs life when we lived in Kenya – she ate a poisoned lion bait and was given a 5% chance of surviving – she is almost 15 years old and still going strong – all thanks to Dieter!!!

  9. Wendee Holtcamp on said:

    Wow sooo cute! I want to write about this story for Animal Planets blog. Email me I want to get some more details!!

  10. Aileen Jakaub on said:

    I hope he is doing well. I just made a donation, I hope it helps in his healing process. My Bhudda bless this wonderful living creature.

  11. tumaren on said:

    The kind words you have all written as well as the tidings you send, are very kind – people like you make the world go ’round.
    We will keep you informed about tomorrow.

  12. Oh my gosh! He is so cute! Bless his sweet little heart! I really hope he will make it! Thanks for helping him!

  13. Pirjo,Finland on said:

    What an adorable, but sad looking creature. So happy that you were able to help him. Let’s hope he’ll make it. I’m also sending you a donation and hope it will help even a little bit for you to know that we all appreciate the work you do.

  14. tumaren on said:

    Pirjo and Aileen
    very kind of you to help us with his surgery. It is supposedly going to cost us well over 700$ so every bit of help is greatly appreciated. He is at the vet now and I just hope he will be ok. I’m afraid ive gotten quite attached.
    cheers, Jamie

  15. Pirjo, Finland on said:

    Jamie, I made another donation to bring the amount up a bit. Thank you again for taking care of the little one, whatever the outcome may be.

  16. salmon julianna on said:

    he looks just like ET
    how old is he?

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