Monthly Archives: August 2009

There is no conservation issue more pressing than population.

Here is a good article that outlines the effectiveness of Family Planning and, sadly, the consequences of cutting its funding.  Population is the issue that international and domestic environmentalists are forced to ignore for political reasons but it is absolutely the most pressing issue (environmentally as well as politically) facing Kenya.

Pictures of 2 Rare Antelope on Tumaren

Two of our hardest to see animals are pictured here, a Bush Duiker and a male Bushbuck.  While common in other parts of Kenya they are infrequent in our area and we see them only occasionally.  Both of these animals have been spending quite a bit of time near our camp on the river recently […]

Is Global Warming consuming more pressing issues?

Before saying anything i would like to state that i’m not a global warming sceptic.  People have to do this these days so that they are not accused of being a Nazi empathizer or in the pocket of the oil industry. Human beings follow trends and one that has been quite long lasting has been […]