Monthly Archives: May 2009

Are The Chinese Fueling Kenya’s Poaching Problem?

When I first heard suggestions that Chinese Road and infrastructure workers were behind a great deal of the recent wave of ivory and bush meat poaching in the country i was skeptical.  It sounded like a simple racist jab at some hard working people.  And yet the story is everywhere. I even heard a story […]

Another Poached Rhino in Laikipia

Here is the sad story of another poached Rhino.  This pressure will never ease until more effort is spent addressing the underlining cause, the unbelievable market value for the horn.  We in Kenyan conservation spend so much money breeding Rhinos but i question whether it would be money better spent instituting stiffer sentences, laws and […]

Can you know a Leopard by its spots?

I was having a look at some of our past cameratrap pictures and looking closer at the Leopard images in order to see if i could identify the individuals.  I reckoned at first that the first two cats were the same and the third was a second cat.  The size of the first two males […]

Two Poachers Caught

Tumaren’s Rangers have caught 2 more Poachers hunting Impalas with snares on our property.  These particular men have been selling us honey for many years.  Because the honey gathering was helping the local community there presence on Tumaren was tolerated and the honey collected was purchased by Kerry.  Kerry then would filter and sell the […]