Monthly Archives: March 2009

Dead Baby Lion

Today Rangers Kichine and Kitilla found the below dead Lion cub stashed in a tree. Lion tracks were all over the base of the tree but it was obvious that no lion would have been able to stow the dead cub way up in the thin branches. The consensus on the ground is that a […]

Mt. Kenya Burning

Today we went to Nanyuki and around midday we began to see billowing smoke coming from up from the Mt. Kenya forest.  We were told that the fire has been going for several days, that the British Army was helping to contain it and that it appeared to be largely contained this morning.  Winds in […]

Ewaso Nyiro River Dry

The main river that flows north from Nanyuki and the Aberdares through Laikipia is dry.  In the terrible drought of 2000 the river stopped momentarily but resumed quite quickly. Yet now we find ourselves in a rather typical year with a river that has been dry for several months.  The wildlife is suffering terribly and […]

Wilddog Pics from Laikipia, Kenya

These shots were taken several months ago as some of our walking safari clients were leaving on the road to Nanyuki. You can see in the photo that one of the front dogs has a collar.  This will be one of the Laikipia Wilddog projects animals and we will be sure to forward this post […]