Monthly Archives: January 2009

Two poachers caught and arrested

In late December we caught our first poachers after years of trying.  One of our rangers (both of the rangers involved in this capture will remain unnamed here) found a line of 16 snares  that stretched about 400 meters. Every opening through the bush over the course of those 400 meters were snared with some […]

Variegated Grasshopers

Lots of these Variegated Grasshopers around now.  Its dry here and they often seem to be around when its dry (or maybe i just hear them better in the withered grass?).  These guys travel in small swarms (oftern times about 30 or more individuals).  Insects with black and yellow markings are often times poisonous or […]

Compost Pile Raiders

Here are three short videos of the creatures that visit our compost pile each night: [kml_flashembed movie=”″ width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /]

First Desert Rose Found on Tumaren

We find Desert Roses downstream on the Ewaso Nyiro River and east of us at lower altitudes .Yesterday though, Kitilla, one of our rangers came to us to say he had found an unidentified plant along our eastern boundary. We were shocked to find that it was a Desert Rose.  These incredible flowering bushes, despite […]

Honey Badger Back Raiding Bee Hives

Here are the latest images of our friendly Honey Badger or Ratel who has been raiding Parm’s  bee hive he has set up behind our offices.  Below are the pics Parm got of the culprit. We need to  experiment further with baffles and other ways of discouraging our friend from destroying more hives.