Monthly Archives: December 2008

Surgical Instruments dontated to Mpala Mobile Clinic

Not too long back we hosted a very nice Dr. and his son on a walking safari.  Tim, who works at a hospital in the UK brought a great bag of surgical instruments for us to distribute. In the states and most first world countries these instruments are these days disposable – A sad commentary  […]

Lesser Vs. Greater Kudu

We have Lesser Kudu on Tumaren but we have only seen Greater Kudu on some of the nearby hills (recorded less than .5kms away).  It is likely that Greater Kudu have crossed Tumaren as well but we have not yet seen them.  On a recent trip I took the following picture of a Greater downstream […]

Bush Baby with Tattered Ears

I found this fellow a few months back on a walking safari down the Ewaso Nyiro River and forgot to post his handsome mug. Have a look at his ears. He has clearly being fighting with another. Bush babies are prosimians (which is latin for split nose). They are primates and like lemurs shared a […]

Bat-ear Stops in to Visit

Caught this adult Bat-eared Fox in the camera a while back. You can really see the size of his insect probing ears.  What you cant see is a set of exceptional jaw muscles capable of extremely rapid bug chomping (i think i remember that they set some kind of chomping speed record in the mammal […]

Solifugid From Hell!

Solifugids aren’t from hell folks, it just makes a catchy headline. The other day this guy (2.5″ across) roared into our tent. Solifugids or Sun Spiders as they are commonly called move at high speed. They are nocturnal predators of small insects (this post is in the insect category but i realize that solifugids are […]