Monthly Archives: September 2008

Mongoose Menagerie

We have three species of mongoose on Tumaren and after finally getting a picture of a Slender Mongoose (Black-tipped Mongoose) we can now present all three below. First our only social mongoose, The Dwarf Mongoose, a diurnal small species: Second our nocturnal species, The White-tailed mongoose: And lastly, The Slender Mongoose a species that is […]

More Lions with a Zebra Kill

Not long after our images of Lolmelil on the zebra killed by the snare it appears that his lionesses made a zebra kill of their own.  This was not far away and we were able to get the following images on the carcass.  You can see the young cubs in the initial images and an […]

Lolmelil The Lion

Lolmelil, a large male lion who we have seen on a number of occasions but never photographed finally made an appearance at a dead common zebra we found a couple weeks back. The zebra had sadly died from a snare that had slowly strangled and cut it.  Parm put the camera out and got these […]

Another Male Leopard on Tumaren

This  Beautiful Male Leopard was  photographed above our offices several weeks ago on a gerenuk kill.  Losorogol was patrolling when he found the stashed kill. Gabriel then went out to set the camera.  This male is larger than the one we photographed before and i think it is also one that i saw 1 year […]