Monthly Archives: August 2008

One Horned Lesser Kudu

Got this picture of a Lesser Kudu with only one horn today.  I’ve seen him on a number of occasions but have not yet had the opportunity to photograph him till today. I have been wondering recently if we might have the most western lesser kudu in Kenya.

Dead Baby Elephant

A baby elephant was found dead today on us below our dam in an area the elephants have been spending a good deal of time.  The carcass appears to be about three days old. There were lion tracks nearby as well as Hyena but our rangers felt that neither killed it.  Because not all of […]

Elephant Nearly Destroys Camera-trap

A mixed group of female elephants with young visited one of our small dams recently at 8 in the morning.  That was nice and we managed to get a number of nice images of them as they drank, many images framed by the legs and belly of a foreground animal. Then one hour later, clearly […]

Honeybadger Returns

Last week we had only three bee hives left near our offices.  We love our local honey here, particularly what we are able to collect after the Acacia mellifera flower(wait – a – bit – thorn).  Unfortunately, our honey has also been very popular with our friend the Honeybadger.  Today, there only hangs one bee […]

Aardvark Atlast!

After months of trying we have finally caught up with our resident Aardvark.  Aardvarks have a tendency to sleep in one hole one night and another hole another night. This made camera trapping our quarry rather difficult.  During the day of July 28th one of our Rangers named Losorogol tracked Mr. Aardvark to a particular […]