Monthly Archives: May 2008

Golden Orb

I ran into this Golden Orb spider in the door of our camel boma last week.¬† Fortunately i ran into a small strand first and was able to stop before putting my face¬† right through her beautiful web. Golden Orb spiders in New Guinea have such strong webs that they are woven and used locals […]

Goatsucker with young

Goatsucker is a traditional name given to birds in the order Caprimulgiformes – the nightjars. The term was based on a belief that the birds drank the milk of goats. Fortunately for the local masai this belief was long ago proven erroneous. Nightjars are insectivores predominantly nocturnal and closely related to owls. The other day […]

Leopard Tortoise Sex Frenzy

Sorry, I couldn’t resist such a tempting headline. It does not look like much but what you have below is a tortoise orgy. Two males (smaller and darker) following and attempting to mate with the much larger female. Many male turtles and tortoises can be identified by the concavity of their plastron (the underside). You […]

7 Lesser Kudu on Tumaren

Just back from a walk along our boundary with the neighboring ranch Male. Along the boundary i ran into this female Lesser Kudu. She was with a herd of 6 other females/young and one beautiful dark male that only showed himself once. When we first told people about our lesser kudu here many did not […]