Monthly Archives: March 2008

New Large Mammal Recorded at Tumaren

Just when we thought there were likely no more large mammals to be discovered on tumaren, one shows up. Last night on a night game drive we had a very good look at a Striped Hyena. These guys are nocturnal hyenas like the aardwolf which we have recorded at tumaren on many occasions.

Leopard Caught in Camera Trap

Yesterday while walking with some safari clients a Leopard was spotted bounding up a ridge opposite us. We descended into the ravine between to examine what his tracks might tell us. Between the tracks his feet left there was the distinct marks of something being dragged. The marks once they hit thick grass were difficult […]

Baboon Spider Revealed

You normally only see Baboon Spiders out of their underground funnels when there is rain (or I suppose possibly when breeding). This particular specimen was coaxed from his home with a blade of grass a trick perfected by most young boys in these parts. Baboon Spiders are quite harmless but they will give you a […]

Monster Centipede

This centipede was found this morning under one of our tent floors. These centipedes evidently give a serious sting and one of my guys said that they can kill a camel (but are only very painful to humans). I don’t know from where the venom comes from. This particular centipede has rather formidable grabbers at […]

Honey Badger or Ratel

You can use either name. We use Honey-badger around here. Kerry’s 5 traditional bee hives were completely destroyed a few weeks back and all our guys said it was the honey badger and yet we never see him. Then came the camera trap. While it is not a great picture and we will be working […]

Bat-ears and Jackal Say Thanks to Theresa

So does everyone here at Tumaren – thanks that is , to Theresa for her generous contribution to conservation in our area. Every contribution means a great deal to us and particularly to the local rangers who we employ to patrol the adjacent community land for poaching. We have not found another snare in months […]

Still No Rain

…but there is thunder tonight all around us and we are all eager for it to pour. All the dams in the area are dry and each afternoon the winds blow sand and dust into mini tornadoes. Depsite that our elephants are back and they usually only arrive back with us with the rains. Many […]

Jackal and Friends at the salt

This Black-backed Jackal showed up at the salt last night. Still not an aardwolf but rather neat to see how inquisitive he was with the camera. Then in the morning these Zebra as well as a male Impala were at the salt. Later after it rains it will be interesting to contrast how many species […]

Potato Thief Photographed

For days now we have noticed potatoes missing from our store and so we put into effect our crack surveilance system to catch the culprit. The first image below made me think that we had a lost, mohawk-sporting backpacker on his hands and knees creeping under the fencing to steal our potatoes. Then we got […]

Genet Passing in The Night

I haven’t managed to get much of anything too significant with the game camera since capturing the Bat-eared Fox images at the den. The game trails are harder to set up on, especially as this camera has a delay so that one needs to aim down the trail rather than across so to capture the […]