Monthly Archives: February 2008

Rhino Collides with Landcruiser

Friends David Gulden and Lenjoh Lewarges were out photographing Rhino about a week ago. They were either working on Solio Ranch or in the Aberdares to the southwest. I have not yet gotten the whole story. Lenjoh said that a female rhino with a calf (first photo) was upset with a male rhino that was […]

Lion Dead

This sad (its actually not that sad – this was an old lion) but interesting story comes from Laurence Frank from the Laikipia Predator Project. The LPP is an excellent effort fighting hard on behalf of predators and looking deeper into the conflicts that humans and predators find themselves in, in our area. Please have […]

Birds of Laikipia

Here is a list of the birds of Tumaren. It can be used as a Bird List to Laikipia excluding only some of the more montane species that we don’t get east of the Ewaso Nyiro river and that might be found on the higher country on the Laikipia Plateau. I have never uploaded a […]

A Grasshoper Menagerie

A lot of people think “a grasshopper is just a grasshopper”. Not true. Look at the diversity of shapes and forms that grasshoppers can take in our immediate area:

An Emerald For Theresa S

We at Tumaren would like to take this opportunity to present Theresa S with an emerald,, An emerald with legs that is.. We are very grateful for your donation Theresa and your help will go a long way toward conservation on the adjacent community land to Tumaren – We specifically want to do some snare […]