Monthly Archives: December 2007

Pancake Tortoise

Finally found a pancake tortoise north of tumaren during a walking safari. what an interesting species. These guys occupy the cracks between rocks and have soft shells that enable them to wedge deep in crevices for protection.

The Mother of All Rats

about 5 days ago, Kerry’s mum, julia rescued a giant rat who was being attacked by a black-tip mongoose. the rat is no ordinary rat, he is massive, and the largest rat-like rodent in Africa. He is a Gambian rat and this is the species that some people are using in Mozambique to look for […]

Migrant Birds and a generous donation

First I would like to thank a very kind person named Sonja P for making a donation toward conservation in our area. The money will go toward scouts that are currently assisting the neighboring community ranch to patrol their large area. We appreciate your generosity very much Sonja. Also we have had an influx of […]

Sustainability and Charcoal

In our area clearing woodland for charcoal is a rather new phenomena. The charcoal that is cut and prepared here is made for sale in the south near cities like nanyuki or meru. There, a bag of charcoal can sell for about 350 shillings equivalent to 5 or 6 US $. This can be a […]