Monthly Archives: November 2007

Drought Sensitive Species Beginning to Return

In the drought of 2000/2001 the species that were hit the hardest in Laikipia were the following mammals: Warthog, Waterbuck, Hippo, and Buffalo. Since then it has been the warthogs that have sustained the best rebound with waterbuck following. Buffalo in our area have been greatly helped by larger herds that live south of us […]

Oryx Kills Oryx

Our rangers this morning came back to the office to report that they had found a dead Oryx. From the tracks they could see that the fatality was not from poaching or predation. The Big Male Oryx had been killed by another Male. A deep puncture wound pierced his chest and blood had flowed from […]

21 WildDogs with Waterbuck Kill

On Nov. 13 th while on safari on the Ewaso Nyiro river we ran into 21 WildDogs hunting. They were in the process of harrasing a group of four Waterbuck that seemed very frightened and stressed. The Waterbucks would run and then turn to face the dogs. The dogs would then back down and look […]