Monthly Archives: October 2007

Wildcats Like Wildfire

In the past 2 weeks we have had 4 sightings of wildcats. Wildcats are the original tabby cat – the species that people first domesticated and bred into all the forms we now find in the domestic pussy cat. We are having a huge boom in the rat population and it appears that the wildcats […]

Elephants beginning to disperse finally

After about 6 months of large herds of elephant on us the groups are beginning to disperse with only the odd bull passing through. this is in a way a relief. our poor trees need some time to grow a bit and recover from all the damage. pictured below is the big boss bull we […]

Finfoot Spotted on Ewaso Nyiro River

while tubing down our rapids the other day I flushed a male Finfoot who flew across the water surface then proceeded to slink along the rivers edge in front of me for nearly a quarter of a mile. A stunning and hard to see bird that is the sole representative of his entire family. i […]

Fishing Spider Found on Ewaso Nyiro River

While swimming down on the river I ran into this interesting fishing spider in a small pool of water in a large rockoutcrop. the pool had mosquito larvae and when i found the spider he was totally submerged trying to hid underneath a rock. his movements under water were identical to a crab and when […]

Are Tortoises in Northern Kenya Dying from Dissease?

I have noticed more and more carapaces of dead tortoises in our area in Laikipia. They range in size from medium to large and show no signs of physical trauma. I’m wondering if there could be a fungus that could be spreading between them that may have originated from captive animals. I understand that tortoises […]