Monthly Archives: April 2007

Brook’s Gecko found during construction

We found this nice Brook’s Gecko during some construction on a water tank the other day.

Rhino Beetle with Whip Scorpion Parasites

We found this Rhino Beetle the other day and as we were examining him we noticed several Whip Scorpions attached to the back of his abdomen. I remember in EO Wilsons book “The Diversity of Life” a description of another Whip Scorpion parasite on another beetle. Interesting, I wonder if this species is described. – […]

Eurasian Cuckoos and Eurasian Hobbys in Droves

Lots of Eurasian Cuckoos and Hobbys have been passing Tumaren in the past few days. We also had a flock 30 Wood Sandpipers on one of our dams as well as a Red-backed Shrike and a handful of Lesser Grey Shrikes. All are on the way back to Europe and Asia. Interesting how the migrants […]

Interesting NY Times Op-Ed on Climate Change and Africa

For New York Times April 11, 2007 OP-ED COLUMNIST Upsetting the Balance By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN Masai Mara, Kenya Surely of all God’s creations, none is more beautiful than the sunrise on the Masai Mara grassland, Kenya’s spectacular nature reserve and a backdrop for the movie “Out of Africa.” The sun’s ascent here is like […]