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More on Snake

Here is the closer look at that snake which now i think must have just been a White Lip Snake (Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia). I realize its still a small image, sorry: Here is what I also Identified as a Big-eyed Snake (Telescopus dhara) a couple months ago: Other Species of snake recorded on Tumaren include: Puffader […]

Lesser Kudu East of Ewaso but not West?

We have Lesser Kudu on Tumaren but interesting enough they are not recorded on Mpala, our neighbor across the Ewaso River with what appears to be ideal habitat. I would be very interested in anyones ideas about why this species remains so localized in northern Kenya.

Two New Species on Tumaren

On our last safari we found two new species on Tumaren not yet recorded: The Four-toed Elephant Shrew (Elephantulus rufescens) and Bushbuck (Tragelaphus scriptus)

Unidentified Young Snake

Found this young snake under one of our flys the other day as we were taking down camp. Not such a great picture but if anyone has any ideas they would be greatly appreciated. I suppose this image may appear too small on the blog for IDing. Please write should a snake person out there […]

Wilddogs Sightings on the Increase

On October 15th we had 8 wilddog kill a large male Impala on our place. We took the following picture after they finished and began trotting south towards Chololo Ranch.

Snares on Tumaren

On October 12th we took the following photograph of one of our rangers, Mlio with all the snares that we have so far collected in 6 months of searching. Some of the snares are with small wire for smaller animals such as dikdiks while others are enormous and intended for such things as buffalo and […]


In early 2006 my wife, Kerry Glen and I purchased a 3000 acre property in Laikipia adjacent to the Ewaso Nyiro River.  The ranch, which we named Tumaren (dragonfly in Masai), is now dedicated exclusively to the conservation of wildlife.  Since June, with the help of six rangers that we have hired, we have been […]